The UNII palette magnetically stores multiple brands of makeup pans, including e.l.f. Mac, Stila, Bobbi Brown and more! Now, all your favorite brands can be stored neatly in the UNII Palette. Say goodbye to makeup clutter!



£10.00 each
2 for £9.50 each
3 for £9.00 each
4 for £8.00 each
5+ for £7.50 each


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The Unii Palette Your favourite products in one Unii Palette Consolidate your makeup in one handy sized Unii Palette

The UNII Palette.

Each UNII Palette comes with a matching movable thumb grip and a sheet of our adhesive magnetic writable labels.



Gather your favorite pans of eyeshadows, blushes, face powders, and even brushes, eyeliners, sponges, etc.

Add our adhesive magnetic labels.


Pop in your makeup pans into your UNII Palette. Because it's magnetized, makeup stays securely in place, yet you can shuffle it around to your liking.

Create the ultimate customised makeup palette Take your makup with you in one Unii Palette But Unii Palettes for your makeup


Create the ultimate customized palettes, by arranging your makeup by day, evening, color or trend. Keep one at home and one in your bag.



With a large full sized mirror, the UNII Palette is

designed to use on the go. The UNII Palette clicks

tightly shut with a rubberized seal to keep your purse clean.


The UNII Palette comes in 5 beautiful colors. Click below to see the colors!

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